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1 Nov | 2012

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  1. It is very interesting game as we can play with friends, hope the new feature to add facebook friends come up soon so we can have more fun and joy.

  2. 9 Nov | 2012 - 14:26:59

    I tied my opponent and the game locked up. It’s been that way since yesterday. What can I do?

  3. 4 Nov | 2012 - 17:12:51
    John George Sewell

    Have been playing letris for awhile, hoping this is as good.
    Can you choose friends to play by Facebook ?

    • 7 Nov | 2012 - 21:59:44

      We will include this option in one future update. Just now you can use your game center friends or invite your friends by mail or twitter.

  4. 3 Nov | 2012 - 19:11:42

    Me gusta letris

  5. 2 Nov | 2012 - 18:38:13


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