Numtris available for iOS

27 Dec | 2013

Numtris starts off from a similar concept as the Tetris where the pieces start to fall and you have to complete each level’s objective before the board fills up; to do this you have only two simple rules.
[Download iPhone/iPad universal & FREE]


  1. 20 Jan | 2014 - 15:22:52
    sachi V

    How do you diffuse bombs in numtris?

  2. 5 Jan | 2014 - 00:01:52
    Paulo Neto


    The concept is very good and seems to be a great game as well as the Letris. But the cost of $1.99 is too high to remove ads. Especially if you’re already Letris user. If I win a discount coupon and can buy for $0.99, I buy the new game Numtris.


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