2 Jan | 2014

Alice in wordland special for kids

Kids love learn new words playing Alice in wordland and now we have created a special edicición Kids with no ads, no coins and easy levels. Enjoy it!.
[Download iPhone/iPad universal]
Alice_cube820_kids [+]

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27 Dec | 2013

Numtris available for iOS

Numtris starts off from a similar concept as the Tetris where the pieces start to fall and you have to complete each level’s objective before the board fills up; to do this you have only two simple rules.
[Download iPhone/iPad universal & FREE]
numtris_iphone_4 [+]

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17 Dec | 2013

Alice in wordland available today for Andorid

Enjoy it! [Download Android version for FREE] [+]

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12 Dec | 2013

Alice in wordland available for iOS

Alice mix ‘color match games’ with ‘word games’ to create a new and relaxing way to play with words. [Download iPhone/iPad universal & FREE] [+]

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10 Dec | 2013

Alice in wordland available at 12th december

Alice in wordland available at 12th december for iPhone & iPad. Android version is coming really soon [+]

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9 Dec | 2013

Letirs 3 in the Top Ten Best New iPhone & iPad Games

Letirs 3 in the Top Ten Best New iPhone & iPad Games - December 2013
Captura de pantalla 2013-12-09 a la(s) 16.26.30 [+]

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20 Nov | 2013

Letris 3 is today available for iPhone/iPad

[Download iPhone/iPad universal FREE version] [+]

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26 Oct | 2013

Letris 3 Available in late November

Letris 3 is coming in late november for iPhone, iPad and Android [+]

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17 Aug | 2013

Now FREE: Please! No more bags

The FREE version of "Please! No more bags" is today available for iOS and Android. Use your multitouch screen to complete this original adventure IPHONE4-simple_intuitive_controls-EN [Download iPhone/iPad universal FREE version] [Download Android FREE version on Google play] [+]

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16 Aug | 2013

Crazy Bill is today available for MAC

iphone5 [Download MAC version] [Download iPhone/iPad universal version for FREE] [Download Android version on Google play for FREE] [+]

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