2076: Midway Multiverse is a side-scrolling shooter where you manipulate 

the environment thanks to the innovative use of VR technology.  

1976 virtual reality game classic shooter flight simulator retro 1942 1943

Paying homage to classic side-scrolling shooters, “2076: Midway Multiverse” offers the ultimate space combat simulation experience combining the genre's classic gameplay with new and original mechanics that only virtual reality can offer: hit, grab, drag, push, etc. Enjoy a classic retro VR experience in a totally innovative way!

  • 13 story-mode levels filled with humor.
  • Manipulate the environment: Hit, grab, move, shoot, ...  Everything is possible in the multiverse.
  • 3 levels of difficulty: To satisfy the most casual player as well as those looking for a real challenge.
  • 18 immersion zones.
  • 100 missions.
  • More than 200 aircraft upgrades.
  • Tons of action; enjoy infinite retries.
  • Compatible with Vive, Oculus, and WMR.
  • Compatible with motion simulators.

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