13 Jul | 2020

Pangman will be released in steam on August 25, 2020


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5 Sep | 2019

Touring Karts is available NOW in Oculus Rift


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10 Aug | 2019

Touring Karts EA will be released September 5th in Oculus store

Touring Karts Early Access will be released September 5th [Oculus store] [+]

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22 Jun | 2019

Reinventing KART-type races in VR with Touring Karts

TouringKarts is coming soon for VR, Arcades-VR, non-VR and mobile [More information] [+]

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19 Jun | 2019

TROGLOMICS SCAPE is today available for mobile

AppStore: [Download]Android: [Download] [+]

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29 Mar | 2019

Beat Blaster 5th April

BeatBlaster will be released in PlayStationVR, SteamVR, Oculus Store and Viveport Store next 5th April [+]

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15 Feb | 2019

Beat Blaster avaible now in Steam

Enjoy it! STEAM LINK [+]

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30 Jan | 2019

Beat Blaster is coming soon

Coming soon for PlayStation VR, VIVE, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixted Reality [More information] [+]

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23 May | 2018

Optical illusions reach Virtual Reality with Sea of memories

Available for Vive, Oculus rift, Gear, Oculus Go and DayDream. PSVR version is coming soon [More information] [+]

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2 Apr | 2018

Operation Warcade touches down on PSVR this 11th april 2018

Operation Warcade touches down on PSVR this 11th april 2018 and at retail this Q2 [+]

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