iBumpy Galaxy

Bumpy was a big star in video games, back in the day. Now, you’re kicking some serious butt with the wildly amped up version on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The music, creativity and challenge will hold you for hours at a time, if you’re up for it. Think you’re ready for the new generation of Bumpy? Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

“I am really enjoying iBumpy Galaxy! The level editor is a great feature and there are so many levels to play through. This ones a keeper"
- TouchGamer3g

“ it's a fantastic conversion of the original bumpy i've played for years on my pc.”
- foxmulderlino

Retro Bumpy was big in his day. If you don’t remember him, ask your dad. Then whip out your iPhone and watch Pops pale as sees you spring into action with iBumpy Galaxy. Gaming will never be the same for you – or your poor father.

Use caution and common sense with this app because it is highly addictive. This is Bumpy on steroids, rocking to the music, ready for fast action, your input and a big challenge. iBumpy Galaxy is the old classic reborn into a new generation - yours.

Hope you’re prepared for lots of skill testing challenges because iBumpy Galaxy issues them one after the after. You’ve got to stay sharp and focused if you intend to win and move to the next planet level. There are 115 levels in the full game, by the way. If you’re not a strong player when you start, you will be by the time you’re finished. In fact, you’ll be a master at dealing with slippery floors, spikes, potions, destructible bricks and a big bunch of other surprises. Yes, it’s a new universe out there and you can be part of it.

With iBumpy Galaxy, you may never be bored again. The incredible graphics and music alone are enough to flood you with visual and audio stimulation. Add to that the mental and reflexive responses necessary for gameplay and you’ve got a fully engaging game.

* 115 surprising levels bursting with creativity
* 32 OpenFeint achievements to unlock (1,000 points)
* 3 levels of difficulty for each planet
* Perfectly adapted controls
* Very detailed graphic environment
* Retro inspired sounds and effects
* Music composed by Neal Stellpflug that is compatible with your iPod library
* 9 different planets with their corresponding Open Feint record lists
* 1 extra planet with 15 levels, allowing you to create your own levels
* 3 different medals awarded according to the score achieved for each level

If you’re still trying to decide if iBumpy Galaxy is for you, consider the following: you’ll be fully revved while playing, you’ll earn OpenFeint points and you can even design your own custom levels. Oh, let’s not forget about the stellar music that helps you keep your rhythm as you play or the medal you could win.

Any questions?
There are three levels of difficulty for each planet, so you should probably get started right away. Download iBumpy Galaxy now and start building your game muscles.

If you want to be really nice, let your parents in on it, too. Challenge them to an Old School vs New World tournament and may the best generation win!

Why are you still here when you could already be playing?

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