12 Sep | 2014

Letris 4 is available for iOS and Android

[Download iPhone/iPad universal (FREE)]
[Download Android (Google play - FREE)]> [+]

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18 Jun | 2014

Celebrating 4,000,000 Final Kick players

Celebrating 4,000,000 Final Kick players around the world. Really thanks! 4m_01 [+]

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6 Jun | 2014

Final Kick: Celebrating the 1st week & the 1st million download

millionb We are celebrating the 1st week of the game and the 1st million downloads from the App Store. Thank you very much!. Today the game has also been selected as one of the best games in March and one of the best games created in Spain destacados More information in [+]

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29 May | 2014

Final Kick: The best penalty shootout is now available

01_01_eniTunes Link (Universal version for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Free) Google play (Android version - Free) Amazon (Android version - Free) [+]

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18 May | 2014

Final Kick: The best penalty shootout

Final Kick: The best penalty shootout: MAY 29Th 2014[Trailer] [+]

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13 Apr | 2014

Smashing Zelebrities now available

[Download iPhone/iPad universal & FREE] [+]

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26 Mar | 2014

Great news are coming soon in Ivanovich Games

ivanovichGames [+]

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2 Mar | 2014

Flappy bird becomes real!

[Download iPhone/iPad universal & FREE] [Download Android & FREE] [+]

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28 Feb | 2014

New global tournament of Ivanovich Games

Every weekend we organize 5 tournaments and result of the global tournament is the sum of your results in each tournament. How the score works? [+]

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24 Feb | 2014

New application: Ivanovich Games Connect

Kids love learn new words playing Alice in wordland and now we have created a special edicición Kids with no ads, no coins and easy levels. Enjoy it!.
[Download iPhone/iPad universal]
Icon152x152 [+]

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